Become a business partner

The business benefit to tackling bowel cancer

Partnering with a local charity can bring many benefits to a business. We know that our creative and bespoke approach to charitable activities can reap great rewards for both sides.

Bowel Cancer West welcomes local, regional and national businesses to consider the opportunity of working with us - we offer a flexible and supportive approach and there are several great reasons to consider a partnership:

  • POSITIVE SALES PROMOTION: Association with BCW can influence public purchasing decisions. e.g. “Five pounds from every bicycle sold goes towards lifesaving research.”
  • REGIONAL ASSOCIATION AND PRIDE: We are a local charity with a strong community following. Like our supporters, we have a proud affiliation to the West Country and believe in making a real difference to lives of local people.
  • POSITIVE PR: Through our PR reach across the region, we can help generate good-news stories through association with BCW.
  • BRAND PROMOTION: We resonate with the public – everyone is touched by the devastation cancer can bring to families and knowing that a business is committed to joining our fight sends a positive message.
  • A FUTURE HEADLINER: Awareness of bowel cancer doesn’t yet have the full public recognition it needs. Awareness campaigns for other cancers (such as breast cancer) have been hugely successful over the past few years and the profile of bowel cancer will be next.
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Our board of trustees is comprised of leading West Country professionals, well-connected within the commercial, medical and media sectors and we run regular networking events.
  • ENGAGE YOUR STAFF: Association with a charity that battles a disease that many have a connection to sends a positive message. Offering the opportunity to fundraise or volunteer for us can be very motivating. Getting our awareness message out to them is also crucial.

What could you do?

We are very open to new ideas you might have. Here’s how businesses have engaged with us in the past:

  • Sponsor an individual fundraising event or campaign (using your resources and initial capital) to help raise funds/ awareness for BCW and bowel cancer.
  • Select us as your ‘charity of the year’ encouraging your staff to actively fundraise and volunteer and engage in joint marketing.
  • Fully or partially sponsor a valuable local research project - attribute your name and brand to the project.
  • Designate a proportion of profits from an existing or new product to BCW.
  • Book a talk from one of our motivational speakers. Talks are delivered by one of our bowel cancer survivors to inspire a fresh outlook on life, healthy living and awareness of the disease.

By partnering with BCW, you don't only support your own business, you help us prevent bowel cancer deaths in the region. 

BCW is brilliant at what it does and its experienced team and knowledge certainly sets it apart. Our launch weekend was a huge success and we are excited to see what new and inventive fundraising and awareness days we can achieve together.

We are amazed at the work the charity does. It contributes to local research and makes sure people in the West Country seek advice as early as possible if they have any concerns with the symptoms of bowel cancer.  It encourages healthy living to help prevent this disease.”

Sainsbury’s, Plymouth (Charity of the year 2016/17)