Thursday 13th September 2012

BCW Travelling Fellowships for Doctors and Nurses - Now Available!

Photo: The recent Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (ALS) Conference meeting - a potential suitable conference for attendance for colorectal doctors, alongside the Association of Theatre Laparoscopic Staff (ATLS) for nurses with a colorectal interest.

In the light of recent fund raising achievements, Bowel Cancer West are now delighted to be able to support 5 travelling fellowships for both Doctors, and Nurses in 2012/2013. A travelling fellowship will support the costs of travel and registration for attendance at a local, regional, national or international colorectal/medical conference.  
All applicants must be locally based, they will be required to submit an application form which is now available on the Bowel Cancer West web site, click on the "Travelling Fellowships" icon on the home page or click on this link:
All applications will be reviewed by a BCW panel to select suitable delegates.  All selected successful applicants will be required to present their knowledge gained from attendance at the conference to the BCW Board of Directors. They will have to present on the application of knowledge gained and demonstrate how this can bee used for the enhancement of their own team working practice, and incorporate this into development of training opportunities where applicable.

Laura Langsford, BCW Director
September 2012


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