Friday 13th January 2017

BCW Directors visit Cardiff University for an update on the BCW funded genetics research project

Genetic research is one of the most promising fields in medicine. With funding from BCW, a team of scientists are leading a project of significant international interest. Already the project has been a great success but they have a way to go yet and further funding will only help them achieve more. Dr Laura Thomas who is leading on the project commented:

"Cancer is caused by genetic mutation, so understanding cancer at the genetic level is key to identifying techniques to fight it. Researching the causes of polyposis (numerous small growths) of the bowel in a small group of patients will allow for more accurate genetic diagnosis and improvements to the diagnostic techniques used. Our work will have immediate impact on patients throughout the UK and we thank BCW for your support."

Crucially, the team are recruiting anyone with Polyposis to take part in their study. Please contact edward@bowelcancerwest for more information.

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