Friday 2nd March 2012

BCW Bike Ride Plymouth to Glastonbury - The Reci!

An advance party from the Bowel Cancer West team including Mark Coleman, Dee Richards, Niki Mellor with a group of colleagues and friends embarked on a cycling reci to establish the route for the forthcoming Derriford to Glastonbury bike ride which is taking place on Saturday 4th August.

The route is just over 100 miles, and riders will have the opportunity to join the party at a leg from Exeter, if they dont want to make the start from Plymouth.  Places are available for a total of 40 riders, with over 20 places now already allocated which are secured by payment of £60.00 per rider to cover all expenses associated with the day and camping on the evening at Glastonbury.

If you are interested in taking part please email: Dee Richards

Photo: The BCW reci team plan the route on a cold, crispy yet stunning sunny Sunday morning en route to Glastonbury



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