Monday 6th August 2012

BCW Bike Ride - Saturday 4th August 110 Miles, 40 Riders!

On Saturday 4th August, the 2nd Annual Bowel Cancer West Bike Ride took place from Derriford Hospital to Glastonbury.  A total of 40 riders participated in the bike ride, along with support vehicles and the back up team which carried the team forward. The riders were comprised of medics and professionals from Derriford Hospital, and the Nuffield Hospital, along with colleagues, friends, partners, and local cycling club Tavistock Wheelers.

Geoff Whitlow, Tavistock Wheeler, and BCW Director comments on the ride as follows: "This event saw a big group of Wheelers involved in various ways, with the Bowel Cancer West Charity ride from Derriford Hospital to Glastonbury about 110 miles. Ben (and partner), the Kevin’s (Reynolds and Brown), Tim W, Jamie, Peter B, Rod, Martin W, and myself all undertook the ride and Dee helped with the marshalling and much of the preparation. Mark Coleman Colorectal Surgeon at Derriford, and BCW Director, had provided much of the inspiration for the event, but an accident and subsequent operation prevented his participation, though he bravely turned up to wave us off. The ride itself passed almost without incident, though the Wheeler who everybody predicted would get lost, managed to do so, despite detailed route instructions, 3 ride leaders and 3 vans on the road to help give directions. He is the Houdini of cycling; he can break out of any attempt to shackle him to the route, though in this instance he was only gone for 10 or so minutes, before he stumbled upon the rest of us again. We did get drenched a couple of times, but not enough to dampen the spirits, especially when the helpers had produced so many well refuelling stops. The ride was followed by a BBQ and camping, for those who like sleeping on grass. The majority of the Wheelers actually cycled back the following day, for them over 200 miles round trip.
  I have to add my own personal thanks to all the Wheelers who did the ride. The build up to the ride was beset with problems, due to injury and illness and the Wheelers did the Club proud by maintaining a sense of humour and helping out where necessary. For example our Kevin Brown, who led one of the groups, was able to look after some of the less experienced riders, whilst the Wheelers looked after themselves. However, before Tavy Wheelers gets too much of a reputation as a friendly club, attached is a picture of how a member, who is leaving to form another club, was treated when we got to Glastonbury Abbey.

There are many more photos on the Clubs and the Charity’s Facebook pages

Something tells me, we will have even more Wheelers signed up with the BCW ride next year
Meanwhile, in Tavistock, 8 joined the Sunday ride, including Steve C, Martin L, Mark R.  As there was a small number they all set off in one group with Steve C leading, making our way out to Lifton via Carr’s garage. The pace was a good one with everyone together and continuing on towards Holsworthy.  The pace continued as fast as before, with Peter J seemingly unstoppable even though he had competed in a triathlon the day before!  By the time we arrived at Holsworthy for a tea stop it was clear that the group would have to be split, obviously the new guys need time to adjust to our rides.  Mark R led one group back home, whilst Steve led the miles group back via Halwill Junction, Bratton Clovelly, Lewtrenchard to Tavistock. Everybody managed to avoid most of the weather but did get a good soaking just before Tavistock. For those doing the longer ride Tavistock to Tavistock - 53 miles.

Thanks to all those that took part in the BCW bike ride as cyclists, on and off road support, and for those that sponsored the riders with this event. We will update on the monies raised from this event once the position has been confirmed, we hope it will be in the region of £1,500.00

Photo: THE FINISH - Riders complete their ride at Glastonbury, a BBQ awaits!

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