Saturday 2nd August 2014

2014 Bike Ride Details

This ride is suitable for cyclists who want to do their first major challenge on a bicycle, providing that they have prepared. Dartmoor is a very hilly area and all riders should bear this in mind before attempting this ride.

Number of riders

In 2014 there will be a maximum of 80 rider places, 50 for the 65 mile route and 30 for the longer 100 mile.



• Recently serviced road bike or hybrid bike
• Hard Shell Helmet
• At least 1 water bottle
• Rehydration liquid
• Food snacks
• Puncture repair kit
• Spare inner tubes (2)
• Tyre pump
• Tyre levers
• Extra cycling clothes for wet/cold weather
• Spare cash
• Your emergency contact details (ID, who to contact in the event of an accident)
• Mobile phone


• Gloves
• Eye protection (eg sunglasses)
• Cycle multitool
• Chain tool and spare links
• Sun cream
• Rear light
• Cycle computer


The ride covers a challenging route of either 65 or 100 miles of hilly roads in Devon and. we encourage riders who have never cycled this type of distance before, provided they have prepared. The ride will be closely attended by support vehicles throughout to provide respite for tired legs is necessary. We make a few recommendations for preparation beforehand:

• /> • As a minimum you need to aim to be able to cycle 2 hours solo at an average of 12mph on hilly terrain.
• You need to aim to be able to cycle 45 miles (shorter route) or 60 miles (longer route) at least once before the event.
• You need to practice bike handling skills so you can ride safe both up hill and down dale in Devon and stay on the bike.

Ride groups

The BCW Bike ride is for all abilities and ages. It is not a competition and there are no prizes or medals.
Group Ride Leaders will be identified before the ride. The Group Leader’s role is to make sure each group rides together between stops, though the Group Leader is not responsible for your safety..

On the day

Our main priority is to get all riders to complete the whole route safely. To achieve this we have to make the following statements.

• You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of all other road users according to the laws of the road and the Highway Code. BCW takes no responsibility for accidents, breakages, injuries, theft and losses.
• You must stay in your ride group (see ride groups below) and follow the ride leader. If you go ahead of your group or leave the route you are deemed no longer part of the ride.
• If your group leader (see ride groups) determines you have to stop riding as a result of fatigue or injury, that decision is final. If you continue to ride you are no longer able to receive support from other BCW riders or from the support vehicles.
• Riders under 18 years of age must have a parental consent form completed


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