The BCW team

Our dedicated staff are driven by a desire to reduce bowel cancer related deaths in the region. With the full support of our directors and trustees they drive the charity forward. Here’s who’s who:


Edward Sinclair, Executive Director

Ed is tasked with leading the charity and helping it grow.If you are looking to partner with the charity, Ed is your first point of contact. His stepfather was lucky to survive bowel cancer, having ignored the symptoms almost to the last moment until he finally sought help. Ed is passionate to ensure others learn from this experience. Contact:


Fundraising, Volunteer and Events Cordinator

Recruiting! Click HERE to apply


Jeanine Caley, Administrative Cordinator

Likely to be the first person you contact, should you get in touch about supporting Bowel Cancer West, Jeanine has worked for the charity for three years. Jeanine lives in Plymouth with her family, where she has been a teacher for 30 years. She has been the Chair of one of the city's biggest sporting charities and regularly volunteers for local good causes. She lost her stepfather to bowel cancer and this spurs her on to help make a difference. Contact: