Tuesday 9th May 2023

Sky diver Daniel admits he is scared of heights

 An adrenaline addict who is afraid of heights is planning a skydive to raise funds for Bowel Cancer West

32 year old Daniel Hayes, from Eastleigh in Hampshire, says the 15,000-feet parachute jump is something he has always wanted to do.

He’s tackled extreme sports in the past, and a bungee jump.

And he’s keeping his fingers crossed for good weather and an amazing view when he takes the challenge in Devon in July.

“I'm doing it as my mum sadly passed away from bowel cancer 10 years ago and I am doing it as a 10-year anniversary event to help raise some further funds for a good cause,” he said.

You can support Daniel’s fundraising effort by clicking here

I would be really grateful if you can give anything you can, to see me jump out of a plane pulling stupid faces," he joked.

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