Friday 7th October 2022

Could you be a buddy for Bowel Cancer West?

 We all need someone to talk to.

But when you’re told you or a loved one have bowel cancer, you can be left feeling bewildered, isolated, or just with a head full of questions – and wondering where to turn.

Could you be a bowel cancer buddy for Bowel Cancer West?

You might be a patient or survivor, or you might be the friend or family of someone who suffered. You might have experience to share – or you might just want to be a friend.

Someone to talk to; share a coffee or play a game with; or come together with in a group to watch a movie or listen to music.

Could you help Bowel Cancer West?

We need BCW buddies – at coffee mornings, social events and evening meetings - or maybe just on the end of a phone.

If you would like to be a buddy please email for more information.

Thank you

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